Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Reimbursement Program
CSFA Number: 592-01-1019
Agency Name
Office Of The State Fire Marshal (592)
Agency Contact
Ronny Wickenhauser
Short Description
Provides reimbursement for certain costs incurred by units of local government or volunteer fire organizations for responses to hazardous materials incidents.
Federal Authorization
Illinois Statue Authorization
Hazardous Materials Response Reimbursement Act (430 ILCS 55)
Illinois Administrative Rules Authorization
41 Ill. Admin. Code 270
To provide a mechanism for emergency responders to recoup costs associated with responding to hazardous materials incidents.
Prime Recipient
UGA Program Terms
Eligible Applicants
Government Organizations;
Applicant Eligibility
Emergency response agencies are eligible to apply for reimbursement.
Beneficiary Eligibility
Types of Assistance
Direct Payments for Specific Use
Subject / Service Area
Public Safety
Credentials / Documentation
The emergency response agency must attempt to contact the responsible party in writing for reimbursement prior to applying for reimbursement. If, 14 days after the date the notification was mailed to the responsible party, the emergency response agency has not been reimbursed by the responsible party, or the responsible party is not expeditiously cooperating or providing a reasonable effort to reimburse an emergency response agency, or if no responsible party can be identified, the emergency response agency with jurisdiction over the location of the incident requiring emergency action may apply for reimbursement.
Preapplication Coordination
Applications for reimbursement must be submitted. Applications can be found on the agency's website (www.sfm.illinois.gov). Applications are reviewed by the Fire Advisory Commission (FAC). The FAC makes recommendations to the State Fire Marshal on whether to approve or deny applications, and if approved the amount to be reimbursed. The State Fire Marshal makes the final decision on the application.
Application Procedures
Applicants must apply for reimbursement utilizing the agency's application for reimbursement form.
Criteria Selecting Proposals
Award Procedures
Applications undergo an initial review by the agency to determine if there are deficiencies in the application. If no deficiencies are found, applications are forwarded to the Illinois Fire Advisory Commission for review. The Commission will recommend either approval or denial of an application to the State Fire Marshal. The State Fire Marshal may accept or reject the recommendation. The decision of the State Fire Marshal on an application is final.
Applications must be submitted to the agency no later than 90 days after an incident.
Range of Approval or Disapproval Time
Appeals may be filed per the provisions of the Administrative Review Law (735 ILCS 5/Art. III)
Formula Matching Requirements
More than $500 must have been expended for the response and the response cost must exceed 2% of the response agency's annual budget. Applicants must not have received reimbursement from the party responsible for the incident. No more than $10,000 may be reimbursed.
Uses and Restrictions
This is a reimbursement program. Eligible costs for reimbursement are subject to the following limitations: Replacement of Expended Materials, including (e.g. specialized firefighting foam, absorbents. damaged hoses, protective clothing, or other damaged equipment, any other reasonable and necessary equipment and/or supplies that have been used, expended, contracted for, damaged, or chemically contaminated, and includes disposal or costs for equipment, supplies, or materials), and repair or decontamination of equipment.
If an applicant receives reimbursement from the responsible party after reimbursement has been provided by the state, the applicant must forward such reimbursement (up to the amount provided by the state) to the agency.
Account Identification
Range and Average of Financial Assistance
$500 to $10,000
Program Accomplishments
Regulations, Guidelines, and Literature
Regional or Local Assistance Location
Headquarters Office
Program Website
Example Projects
Published Date
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2020 : $10,000
FY 2021 : $10,000
FY 2022 : $10,000
FY 2023 : $10,000
FY 2024 : $10,000
Federal Funding
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