State/Local Airport Improvement Program
CSFA Number: 494-60-2151
Agency Name
Department Of Transportation (494)
Agency Identification
Partial GATA Exempt. Universities not exempt.
Agency Contact
Clayton Stambaugh
Short Description
Provide state funding assistance for capital improvements and development to publicly-owned, public use airports.
Federal Authorization
Illinois Statue Authorization
620 ILCS 5
Illinois Administrative Rules Authorization
To assist sponsors, owners, or operators of public-use airports in the development of a nationwide system of airports adequate to meet the needs of civil aeronautics. The purpose of the law includes the investment in transportation, environmental protection, and airport infrastructure that will support long-term economic benefits
Prime Recipient
UGA Program Terms
Airport must be identified in the National Plan of Integrated Airport System (NPIAS) to be eligible to receive federal grant funds under the Airport Improvement Program. The airport must be included in the latest State of Illinois Aviation System Plan and must be publicly owned and open to the public. The airport must be in compliance with the FAA federal grant assurances. The airport owner must meet and comply with the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) 30 ILCS 708 requirements.
Eligible Applicants
Government Organizations;
Applicant Eligibility
All project work must be available for public use. The requested project must be shown on the current approved Airport Layout Plan (ALP). The airport owner must own or lease the land upon which the project will be accomplished.
Beneficiary Eligibility
Public agencies/sponsors of reliever airports or airports within the State of Illinois
Types of Assistance
Project Grants
Subject / Service Area
Public Safety
Credentials / Documentation
Sponsors must submit information establishing financial capability and legal authority to accomplish the project and to operate the airport.
Preapplication Coordination
An environmental impact assessment is required for this program. Alternative environmental reporting and documentation may be acceptable based upon the project type.
Application Procedures
When funding becomes available: Any projects requested to be included in the State/Local Airport Improvement Program must be submitted with all regular documentation currently required during the Transportation Improvement Proposal (TIP) request process, including scope, description, sketch, and signed data sheet (Form AER-104), and budget (Form AER-102), along with any other forms specific to the proposed project.
Criteria Selecting Proposals
Projects requesting over $1,000,000 in state funds will require special consideration by the Programming Committee and, in general, are not recommended. Pavement rehabilitation projects must demonstrate visual need or low PCI ratings. Project can be completed in one construction season or calendar year (i.e. no phased projects). Airport has no Aeronautics compliance issues (in Good Standing with Safety Section inspections). Project impacts safety and performance of airport: preservation of existing pavement, provides that airspace is free & clear of obstructions, provides up-to-date electrical systems, ensures airport grounds are secure. Economic Benefit: project supports revenue-generating activity in an effort to make the airport self-sustaining. Only one project at a given airport will be chosen in a program year, although multiple requests by a sponsor for consideration are allowed. All environmental approvals must be completed prior to letting of the project and project must meet state bond funding rules. As such, projects involving vertical construction such as hangar and terminal building construction are ineligible for this program, as well as maintenance projects that do not meet the State of Illinois bond guidelines. All project costs incurred by the airport owner prior to receipt of the Airport Improvement Program Letter issued by the Department (Office of Planning and Programming and Aeronautics) are NOT eligible for state financial assistance, unless Sponsor directed via written Notice-to-Proceed with prior Department coordination and approval
Award Procedures
All projects selected will be issued a Program Letter issued through the IDOT Office of Planning and Programming. Upon receipt of Program Letter, sponsor can commence eligible work on project toward submittal of plans for IDOT letting and finalization of GATA procedures, as well as issuance of agency agreement
Range of Approval or Disapproval Time
From 90 to 120 days
Formula Matching Requirements
Minimum 10% match by local airport sponsor; increases may vary by program year
Uses and Restrictions
Funds are appropriated by the State of Illinois legislature for this program with the stipulations that they adhere to current Illinois state statutes and the Illinois Aeronautics Acts.
During the project, the sponsor monitors performance to ensure that timely schedules are maintained. Periodic reports, as required, are forwarded to the Division of Aeronautics . The recipient periodically submits form 5370-1, the Construction Progress and Inspection Report. For non-construction projects, the recipient submits a quarterly project performance report. These reports are different than the financial reports, which are required separately for every grant. Project performance monitoring is conducted through site visits and reports. Reports must be filed quarterly with the Division of Aeronautics and as frequently as determined by the Division of Aeronautics based on project type.
Recipient sponsor's records are required to be made available for inspection by IDOT, OEIG, and any other auditing state agency.
An airport layout plan must be kept up to date and available as long as the grant agreement lasts, ordinarily a period of 20 years. Accounting records reflecting all project costs, books, documents, and records pertinent to grants are to be retained for 3 years after date of submission of final expenditure report.
Account Identification
095-49460-4900-0020, 011-49460-4900-0020
FY17 $10,000,000
Range and Average of Financial Assistance
N/A - Funds not appropriated since FY17
Program Accomplishments
In fiscal year 2017 the State/Local Airport Improvement Program awarded $9,867,000 in funding to support airport infrastructure grants to state airports. A partial list of accomplishments includes parking lots, entrance roads to airports, T-hangar taxilanes, and access roads.
Regulations, Guidelines, and Literature
Regional or Local Assistance Location
1 Langhorne Bond Drive, Springfield, IL 62707
Headquarters Office
1 Langhorne Bond Drive, Springfield, IL 62707
Program Website
Example Projects
Published Date
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2017 : $11,000,000
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
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