Mutual Aid Box Alarm System
CSFA Number: 592-01-0852
Agency Name
Office Of The State Fire Marshal (592)
Agency Contact
Ronny Wickenhauser
Short Description
Provides funding for the operational costs of MABAS
Federal Authorization
Illinois Statue Authorization
Fire Investigation Act (425 ILCS 25/13.1)
Illinois Administrative Rules Authorization
Funding is used to support the operational expenses of MABAS, which provides emergency rapid response and sustained operations when a jurisdiction or region is stricken by an overwhelming event generated by manmade, technological, or environmental threats.
Prime Recipient
UGA Program Terms
Eligible Applicants
Nonprofit Organizations;
Applicant Eligibility
Only the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System is eligible for this grant.
Beneficiary Eligibility
Types of Assistance
Subject / Service Area
Public Safety
Credentials / Documentation
Preapplication Coordination
Awards are based on available appropriations
Application Procedures
Only the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System is eligible to apply for an award.
Criteria Selecting Proposals
Award Procedures
Only the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System is eligible for awards
Range of Approval or Disapproval Time
Formula Matching Requirements
This is a reimbursement program. MABAS must show expenditures that equal or exceed the grant amount each year.
Uses and Restrictions
Expenses generally eligible for reimbursement under this grant include costs incurred by the grantee for the operation of automotive equipment (expenditures incurred in the operation, maintenance and repair of automotive equipment, including expenditures for motor fuel, tires, oil, repair parts, and costs associated with the licensing and registration of automobiles with the Illinois Secretary of State) and for insurance expenses (expenditures on policies for worker’s compensation, liability policies directly related to the official performance of duties by the grantee’s employees and officers and liability policies for the grantee’s property and equipment, excluding aviation equipment). The agency can expand or limit the scope of reimbursable expenses allowed under this agreement at any time.
Grantee submits requests for reimbursements. Those requests represent reports of expenditure of funds.
The grantee must maintain, for a minimum of three years after the completion of the agreement, adequate books, records, and supporting documents to verify the amounts, recipients, and uses of all disbursements of funds passing in conjunction with the agreement. The agreement and all books, records, or papers related to the program, project, or use for which grant funds were provided and supporting document related to the agreement shall be available for review and audit by the Office, Auditor General, Attorney General, and Inspector General. The grantee must cooperate fully with any audit and to provide full access to all relevant materials. Failure to maintain the books, records, and supporting documents required by this section shall establish a presumption in favor of the State for the recovery of any funds paid by the State under the agreement for which adequate books, records, and supporting documentation are not available to support their purported disbursement. In the event that the grant is not expended in the manner approved, the recipient must refund the full amount of the grant award. Recovery of grant funds shall be accomplished in accordance with the Illinois Grant Funds Recovery Act (30 ILCS 705).
Account Identification
Range and Average of Financial Assistance
Program Accomplishments
Regulations, Guidelines, and Literature
Regional or Local Assistance Location
Headquarters Office
Program Website
Example Projects
Published Date
Funding By Fiscal Year
FY 2015 : $125,000
FY 2016 : $125,000
FY 2017 : $125,000
FY 2018 : $125,000
FY 2019 : $125,000
FY 2020 : $125,000
FY 2021 : $125,000
FY 2022 : $230,000
FY 2023 : $180,000
FY 2024 : $200,000
Federal Funding
Notice of Funding Opportunities
Agency IDAward RangeApplication Range
Agency IDGrantee NameStart DateEnd DateAmount
592-01-0852-2024Mutual Aid Box Alarm System07/01/202306/30/2024200,000