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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
Behavioral Health Education Workforce Center601-01-2415BHE (601)00
Common Application601-01-2858BHE (601)120
Creating Pathways and Access for Student Success (formerly CAHMCP)601-00-0742BHE (601)10
Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois601-01-0744BHE (601)160
Early Childhood Faculty Preparation Grant601-01-2414BHE (601)40
End Student Housing Insecurity (ESHI) Grants - FY24601-00-3238BHE (601)00
Grant and Administrative Costs Associated with Early Childhood Programs and Consortium601-01-2859BHE (601)210
Grow Your Own Federal HDMI Program601-00-0739BHE (601)00
Grow Your Own Teacher Initiative601-00-0747BHE (601)10
Illinois Cooperative Work Study Program601-00-0748BHE (601)241
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Fusion: Igniting Teaching and Learning601-00-0743BHE (601)10
Independent Colleges Capital Investment Grant Program601-00-3121BHE (601)00
MyCredits Transfer (formerly u.Select System)601-00-0738BHE (601)10
Nurse Educator Fellowship Program601-00-1591BHE (601)260
Nursing Schools Grant601-00-1592BHE (601)120
Quad Cities Graduate Study Center601-00-0741BHE (601)10
University Center of Lake County601-00-0740BHE (601)10
Program Count: 171211