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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
Brownfields Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreements532-30-0385EPA (532)00
County Solid Waste Planning532-30-2881EPA (532)160
Depart of Defense State Memorandum of Agreement Program for the Reimbursement of Technical Services532-30-0370EPA (532)00
Distribution System and Water Main Rehabilitation Program532-00-2715EPA (532)20
Driving a Cleaner Illinois - Climate and Equitable Jobs Act EV Charging532-10-3234EPA (532)110
Driving a Cleaner Illinois - Volkswagen532-10-1697EPA (532)211
Energy Conservation Code Training & Tech Support532-30-1654EPA (532)10
Energy Efficiency Assessment Program532-30-3369EPA (532)01
Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant532-30-3183EPA (532)01
Energy Efficiency Trust Fund Grant Program532-00-2722EPA (532)01
Energy Security Plan532-00-2919EPA (532)10
Environmental Information Exchange Network Grant Program532-00-2158EPA (532)00
Green Infrastructure Grant Opportunities532-60-2388EPA (532)10
Homeland Security Biowatch Program532-10-0386EPA (532)00
IDOT Highway Planning and Construction (CMAQ Clean Diesel funds)532-10-0372EPA (532)00
Lead Service Line Inventory Grant Program532-60-3017EPA (532)2071
Multipurpose Grants to State and Tribes532-30-2157EPA (532)00
National Great Rivers Research and Education Center532-60-3081EPA (532)10
Nonpoint Source Implementation Grants-Streambank Cleanup And Lakeshore Enhancement (SCALE)532-60-1576EPA (532)00
Prairie Du Pont532-60-2503EPA (532)10
Public Water Infrastructure Assessments532-30-1672EPA (532)20
Public Water Supply Energy Efficiency Grant Program532-30-3312EPA (532)00
Residential Sharps Collection Program532-30-3162EPA (532)261
Section 319(h) – Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Financial Assistance Program532-60-0378EPA (532)270
Section 604b - Water Quality Management Planning532-60-0376EPA (532)20
State and Tribal Response Program Grants532-30-0384EPA (532)00
State Clean Diesel Grant Program (DERA)532-10-2086EPA (532)00
State Clean Diesel Grant Program (USEPA funds)532-10-0374EPA (532)00
U.S. Dept of Interior Crab Orchard532-30-0371EPA (532)00
Unsewered Communities Construction Grant Program532-00-2477EPA (532)100
Unsewered Communities Planning Grant Program532-00-2476EPA (532)310
USEPA 103 PM 2.5 Monitoring and National Air Toxics Monitoring532-10-0373EPA (532)00
USEPA Capitalization Grants for Clean Water State Revolving Funds532-60-0377EPA (532)00
USEPA Capitalization Grants for Drinking Water State Revolving Funds532-60-0379EPA (532)00
USEPA Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Corrective Action Program532-30-0382EPA (532)00
USEPA Performance Partnership Grants532-10-0380EPA (532)00
USEPA Superfund State and Indian Tribe Core Program Cooperative Agreements532-30-0383EPA (532)00
USEPA Superfund State, Political Subdivision, and Indian Tribe Site-Specific Cooperative Agreements532-30-0381EPA (532)00
USEPA Water Pollution Control State, Interstate, and Tribal Program Support532-60-0375EPA (532)00
Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Efficiency532-30-2080EPA (532)10
Program Count: 403616