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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
4-H and University of Illinois Extension406-53-0764AG (406)00
Agricultural Education Fairs406-53-0765AG (406)00
Aid to County Fairs406-53-0761AG (406)00
Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards406-10-0048AG (406)00
Cooperative Agreements with States for Intrastate Meat and Poultry Inspection406-45-0042AG (406)00
Cooperative Forestry Assistance406-47-0043AG (406)00
County Fair Rehabilitation Fund406-53-0762AG (406)00
DuQuoin State Fair Awards and Premiums406-52-0555AG (406)00
Fairs & Exposition Fund406-53-0763AG (406)00
FFY2024 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program- Farm Bill406-00-3359AG (406)00
Illinois State Fair Awards and Premiums406-48-0554AG (406)00
INACTIVE - Grants to SWCDs - SEE NEW LISTING406-46-0552AG (406)00
Local Food Infrastructure Grant Program406-01-3252AG (406)00
Local Food Purchase Assistance (LFPA) Cooperative Agreement Program406-00-3398AG (406)20
Market News406-32-0036AG (406)00
Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative406-45-0041AG (406)00
Organic Certification Cost Share Program406-32-0040AG (406)00
Partners for Conservation - Illinois Soil and Water Conservation District Grants406-46-2347AG (406)00
Performance Partnership Grants406-47-0047AG (406)00
Plant and Animal Disease, Pest Control, and Animal Care406-44-0035AG (406)00
Racing Quarter Horse Breeders Fund Program406-53-0746AG (406)00
Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure Program406-00-3344AG (406)00
Specialty Crop Block Grant Program - Farm Bill406-32-0039AG (406)10
Standardbred Breeders Fund Program406-53-0745AG (406)00
State Cooperative Extension Service406-01-0557AG (406)00
Sustainable Agriculture Grant Program406-46-0737AG (406)00
Thoroughbred Breeders Fund Program406-53-0719AG (406)00
Viticulturist and Enologist406-32-0551AG (406)00
Program Count: 2830