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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
Boat Access Area Development422-11-1095DNR (422)80
Boating Infrastructure Grant Program422-20-0112DNR (422)00
Certified Local Government Grants Program422-50-1655DNR (422)80
Clean Vessel Act422-20-0499DNR (422)00
Coastal Management Program422-30-0103DNR (422)50
Endangered Species422-20-0111DNR (422)00
Endangered Species Recovery422-20-0115DNR (422)00
Endangered Species- White Nose Syndrome422-20-3323DNR (422)00
Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance422-20-0108DNR (422)00
Forest Health Management422-20-0099DNR (422)00
Forest Legacy Program Administration422-20-0097DNR (422)00
Forest Stewardship Program422-20-0098DNR (422)00
Forestry Development Cost-Share Program422-20-3399DNR (422)00
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative422-20-0117DNR (422)00
Historic Preservation - National Maritime Heritage Program for education and preservation projects422-50-1656DNR (422)00
Hunter Ed422-20-0113DNR (422)00
Illinois Bicycle Path Grant Program422-11-1077DNR (422)110
Illinois Natural Areas Stewardship Grant Program422-20-1713DNR (422)211
Illinois Recreational Access Program (Federal: Voluntary Public Access & Habitat Incentive Program)422-20-0092DNR (422)00
Land and Water Conservation Fund Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program ORLP422-00-3016DNR (422)00
Land and Water Conservation Fund State and Local Assistance Program422-11-1094DNR (422)01
Line Item Capital Grants- Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources422-18-2721DNR (422)70
Line Item- Operational Grant422-18-2515DNR (422)20
Off-Highway Vehicle Trails422-11-1153DNR (422)30
Open Space Land Acquisition & Development422-11-0970DNR (422)2060
Park and Recreational Facility Construction422-11-1165DNR (422)120
Payments to States in Lieu of Real Estate Taxes422-11-0104DNR (422)00
Public Museum Capital422-94-1164DNR (422)230
Recreational Corridor greenways and trails planning422-11-3375DNR (422)00
Recreational Trails Program422-11-1154DNR (422)180
Regional Water Supply Planning422-80-2500DNR (422)10
Regulation of Surface Coal Mining & Surface Effects of Underground Coal Mining422-60-0105DNR (422)10
Schools and Roads - Grants to States422-20-0095DNR (422)00
Snowmobile Local Government422-11-1163DNR (422)50
Snowmobile Trail Establishment Fund422-11-1162DNR (422)20
Special Wildlife Funds Duck Stamp422-20-1093DNR (422)60
Special Wildlife Funds Furbearer Fund422-20-1092DNR (422)31
Special Wildlife Funds Illinois Habitat Fund422-20-1090DNR (422)110
Special Wildlife Funds State Pheasant Fund422-20-1091DNR (422)60
Special Wildlife Funds Wildlife Preservation Fund422-20-1078DNR (422)00
Special Wildlife Funds Wildlife Preservation Fund - Rehab Facilities422-20-1079DNR (422)10
Sport Fish Restoration - Fisheries,Boat Access422-20-0107DNR (422)80
State Fire Assistance422-20-0497DNR (422)00
State Wildlife Grants422-20-0114DNR (422)30
Urban and Community Forestry Program422-20-0096DNR (422)00
Volunteer Fire Assistance - Cooperative Forestry Assistance422-20-0094DNR (422)00
White-nose Syndrome Grants to States and Tribes422-20-3181DNR (422)00
Wildlife Prairie Park Fund422-20-2506DNR (422)00
Wildlife Restoration422-20-0109DNR (422)200
Program Count: 493913