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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
Adult Redeploy Illinois (ARI)546-00-2115ICJIA (546)270
Albany Park/Irving Park546-00-3048ICJIA (546)00
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)546-00-2762ICJIA (546)20
American Rescue Plan Act SFY23546-00-2940ICJIA (546)120
ARPA-Carmen-Buckner Elementary School546-00-2788ICJIA (546)00
ARPA-Dulles Elementary School546-00-2790ICJIA (546)00
ARPA-Earhart Elementary School546-00-2789ICJIA (546)00
ARPA-Elite Striders Positive Youth Organization546-00-2793ICJIA (546)00
ARPA-First Followers Re-Entry Program546-00-2796ICJIA (546)00
ARPA-St. Bernard Hospital546-00-2791ICJIA (546)00
ARPA-Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis at Fairview Heights546-00-2794ICJIA (546)00
ARPA-Violence Interrupters546-00-2787ICJIA (546)00
Bullying Prevention (BP)546-00-2118ICJIA (546)50
Byrne State Crisis Intervention Program546-00-3342ICJIA (546)01
Co-Responder Program546-00-2981ICJIA (546)00
Community Partnership for Deflection and Substance Use Disorder Treatment546-00-1705ICJIA (546)50
Community Trauma Recovery Centers546-00-3049ICJIA (546)10
Community-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention (CB-VIP)546-00-2117ICJIA (546)30
Death Penalty Abolition Fund (DPA)546-00-2162ICJIA (546)50
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG)546-00-2094ICJIA (546)340
Emergency Federal Law Enforcement Assistance Program546-00-3401ICJIA (546)00
Family First Center of Lake County546-00-2994ICJIA (546)00
Flexible Housing Pool Program546-00-3217ICJIA (546)10
Illinois Family Violence Coordinating Council (IFVCC)546-00-2096ICJIA (546)110
Illinois National Criminal History Improvement Program546-00-3242ICJIA (546)00
Illinois Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity – Today (SAFE-T) Act546-00-2922ICJIA (546)00
Improving Reentry Education and Employment Outcomes FY22546-00-3062ICJIA (546)00
Kankakee County State's Attorney's Office546-00-2979ICJIA (546)00
Lake County State's Attorney's Office546-00-2978ICJIA (546)00
Less Lethal Alternatives546-00-3082ICJIA (546)10
Metropolitan Enforcement Group and Multi-jurisdictional Drug Task Force Disbursal546-00-3109ICJIA (546)00
National Forensic Sciences Improvement Act (NFSIA)546-00-1742ICJIA (546)40
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)546-00-1485ICJIA (546)00
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Act (RSAT)546-00-1430ICJIA (546)60
Safe From the Start (SFS)546-00-2116ICJIA (546)140
Safer Foundation546-00-2119ICJIA (546)10
Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)546-00-1737ICJIA (546)30
Statewide Deferred Prosecution Funding Programs546-00-2827ICJIA (546)10
Street Intervention Programs (SIP)546-00-2120ICJIA (546)10
Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)546-00-1745ICJIA (546)480
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)546-00-1744ICJIA (546)160
Violence Against Women Act Sexual Assault Services Program (VAWA SASP)546-00-1743ICJIA (546)20
Violence Prevention - Acclivus546-00-2440ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention - Laureus Sport For Good546-00-3244ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention - Legacy Reentry Foundation546-00-2672ICJIA (546)00
Violence Prevention – The Blessed Child546-00-3319ICJIA (546)10
Violence Prevention and Reduction546-00-2977ICJIA (546)300
Violence Prevention and Street Intervention Programs (VP-SIP)546-00-2179ICJIA (546)00
Violent Crime Witness Protection Program546-00-3118ICJIA (546)00
Program Count: 502411