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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
AFC - Community Development Corp. for costs associated with affordable housing420-00-2290DCEO (420)10
AllenForce - Veterans initiative for assistance to veterans420-00-1756DCEO (420)10
APEX Accelerators420-35-0069DCEO (420)80
Apprenticeship Expansion Program420-30-0082DCEO (420)110
Back to Business Program420-27-2679DCEO (420)30
Benefit to the public from named line ARPA-source420-27-2726DCEO (420)70
Broadband Regional Engagement for Adoption and Digital Equity Community Technology Center Grant Program420-27-2682DCEO (420)00
Broadband Regional Engagement for Adoption and Digital Equity Community Technology Center Grant Program420-35-2496DCEO (420)00
Business Attraction Prime Sites420-45-2608DCEO (420)31
Business Development Promotion Grants420-45-2233DCEO (420)00
Business Interruption Grant420-00-2452DCEO (420)10
Chicago Park District for infrastructure improvements at Hale Park420-00-2253DCEO (420)10
City of Rolling Meadows for costs associated with Park Street storm sewer improvements420-00-2265DCEO (420)10
Clean Energy Contractor Incubator Program420-35-3271DCEO (420)00
Clean Energy Jobs and Justice Fund420-35-3313DCEO (420)00
Climate Bank Finance420-35-2864DCEO (420)10
Community Development Block Grant Disaster Response Program420-75-1637DCEO (420)01
Community Development Block Grant Economic Development Program420-75-1631DCEO (420)21
Community Development Block Grant Help Eliminate Lead Program420-75-1636DCEO (420)00
Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation Program420-75-1633DCEO (420)170
Community Development Block Grant Public Infrastructure Program420-75-1632DCEO (420)470
Community Development Block Grant Revolving Loan Fund Closeout Program420-75-1638DCEO (420)130
Community Development Block Grant-Coronavirus Business Resiliency Program420-75-3165DCEO (420)00
Community Development Block Grant-Coronavirus Urban Shelter Program420-75-3351DCEO (420)01
Community Development Block Grants/State's program and Non-Entitlement Grants in Hawaii420-75-0070DCEO (420)00
Community Services Block Grant420-70-0091DCEO (420)340
Community Services Block Grant Discretionary Grant Program420-70-1630DCEO (420)00
Community Services Block Grant Healthy Homes420-70-2332DCEO (420)00
Community Solar Energy Sovereignty Grant Program420-35-3055DCEO (420)00
Connect Illinois Broadband Grant Program420-35-2366DCEO (420)61
Connect Illinois Broadband Grant Program420-27-2681DCEO (420)01
Connect Illinois: National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) - Broadband Infrastructure Program Grant420-27-2683DCEO (420)00
Connect Illinois: National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) - Broadband Infrastructure Program Grant420-35-2613DCEO (420)00
Construction and/or Renovation to Buildings, Additions, or Structures420-27-2663DCEO (420)00
Construction and/or Renovation to Buildings, Additions, or Structures420-00-1771DCEO (420)3150
Construction and/or Renovation to Buildings, Additions, or Structures420-00-1785DCEO (420)764
Construction and/or Renovations to a Rehabilitation Facility420-00-1952DCEO (420)00
Construction of a Pavillion in a Community Park - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1856DCEO (420)10
Craft Apprenticeship Program420-30-2863DCEO (420)10
Demolition and Remediation of Abandoned and/or Condemned Properties in a Floodway420-00-2014DCEO (420)10
Digital Equity Capacity Kickstarter Program420-27-3170DCEO (420)00
Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program420-75-2398DCEO (420)00
DuPage Special Recreation Association420-00-2338DCEO (420)00
Durable Movable Equipment420-27-2665DCEO (420)00
Durable Movable Equipment420-00-1936DCEO (420)20
Durable Movable Equipment420-00-1896DCEO (420)70
Dusable Museum420-00-2226DCEO (420)00
Dusable Museum420-00-2227DCEO (420)00
Edwardsville YMCA Niebur Center - for costs associated with capital improvements420-00-2312DCEO (420)00
Eliminate the Digital Divide Program420-35-3001DCEO (420)00
Energy Transition Community Grant Program420-35-3071DCEO (420)311
Equitable Energy Future Grant Program420-35-3054DCEO (420)01
EV Battery Manufacturing Fast Track Training Support420-45-3348DCEO (420)01
Federal Grant Support Program420-35-3073DCEO (420)01
Film and TV Workforce Training Program420-45-2336DCEO (420)50
First Step Act Program420-30-3129DCEO (420)00
Future Energy Jobs Act Multi-Cultural Jobs Program420-30-2875DCEO (420)60
Grants Management Program420-00-0505DCEO (420)200
Human Services Capital Investment Grant Program420-00-2783DCEO (420)20
Illinois Clean Energy Primes Contractor Accelerator Program420-35-3345DCEO (420)00
Illinois Clean Jobs Workforce Network Program420-30-3197DCEO (420)01
Illinois Climate Works Pre-apprenticeship Program (CEJA)420-30-3137DCEO (420)00
Illinois Coal to Solar and Energy Storage Program Grant420-00-2836DCEO (420)00
Illinois Connected Communities - Community Technology Center Grant Program420-35-2424DCEO (420)00
Illinois Economic Empowerment Centers (EEC) Program420-45-3226DCEO (420)00
Illinois Energy Transition Navigators Program (CEJA)420-30-3174DCEO (420)01
Illinois Grocery Initiative420-35-3295DCEO (420)01
Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP)420-70-0087DCEO (420)1200
Illinois Meat & Poultry Supply Chain Capital Grant Program420-00-2862DCEO (420)50
Illinois Reproductive Health Facilities Capital Grant Program420-35-3201DCEO (420)01
Illinois Returning Residents Clean Jobs Program (CEJA)420-30-3361DCEO (420)01
Illinois Soundstage Capital Grant Program420-45-3134DCEO (420)00
Illinois Travel and Tourism Grant Program420-25-2973DCEO (420)500
Illinois Works Pre-apprenticeship Program420-30-2614DCEO (420)200
INACTIVE - Swimming Pool Improvements - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-99-1869DCEO (420)20
Innovation Vouchers Program420-35-3126DCEO (420)00
Installation and Repair of Sidewalks, Crosswalks, Pathways and Signage at a School Bus Drop Off420-00-1900DCEO (420)10
Installation and/or Replacement of Utilities420-00-1867DCEO (420)111
Installation and/or Replacement of Utilities420-00-1769DCEO (420)620
Installation and/or Replacement of Utilities420-27-2662DCEO (420)240
International Tourism Grant Program420-25-1607DCEO (420)20
Invest in Illinois - Closing Fund420-00-3211DCEO (420)10
Job Training Economic Development Program420-30-0513DCEO (420)01
Job Training Economic Development Program (ARPA)420-27-2731DCEO (420)440
Job Training- Direct Line Appropriations420-45-1735DCEO (420)20
Joliet Arsenal Development Authority420-00-1888DCEO (420)10
Land & Building Acquisition420-00-1987DCEO (420)00
Land & Building Acquisition420-00-1864DCEO (420)130
Land & Building Acquisition420-27-2661DCEO (420)00
Local Tourism and Convention Bureau Program420-27-2921DCEO (420)00
Local Tourism and Convention Bureau Program420-25-1606DCEO (420)360
Low Income Household Water Assistance Program420-70-2615DCEO (420)00
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance420-70-0090DCEO (420)1350
Made in Illinois Grant Program420-35-2365DCEO (420)10
Manufacturing Training Academies420-00-2361DCEO (420)20
Megasites Development Program420-35-3069DCEO (420)30
Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation dba METRA420-00-2122DCEO (420)10
Northwest Illinois Film Office - for all costs associated with development of a Quad Cities Regional Film Office420-00-2308DCEO (420)20
Office of Minority Economic Empowerment - Incubators420-45-2159DCEO (420)00
OMEE Minority-Owned Business Capital & Infrastructure Grant Program420-45-2160DCEO (420)50
Opportunity Zone Program420-00-2367DCEO (420)30
Promotion of Illinois Tourism420-25-2087DCEO (420)00
Promotion of Illinois Tourism420-25-2097DCEO (420)00
Provision of services to the public from named line GRF-source420-00-2725DCEO (420)1410
Purchase and Renovation of a Group Home that serve Adults with Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities420-00-1916DCEO (420)10
Purchase, demolition and asbestos abatement of properties located in a floodway - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1791DCEO (420)10
Rebuild Downtowns & Main Streets Capital Grant420-27-2729DCEO (420)160
Rebuild Downtowns & Main Streets Capital Grant420-00-2560DCEO (420)170
Rebuild Illinois Competitive Public Infrastructure Grant Program420-75-2373DCEO (420)250
Rebuild Illinois Fast-Track Public Infrastructure Program420-75-2411DCEO (420)60
Rebuild Illinois for Economic Distressed Areas420-00-2437DCEO (420)40
Rebuild Illinois Regional Economic Development Grant Program420-75-2374DCEO (420)110
Rebuild Illinois Shovel Ready Sites Grant Program420-75-2380DCEO (420)60
Repair and Replacement of Windows, Entrances, Structural Repairs420-00-1905DCEO (420)00
Resilient and Efficient Codes Implementation Support Program420-35-3350DCEO (420)00
Richland Community College - for a grant associated with job training420-00-2577DCEO (420)00
RISE Implementation Grant Program420-35-3304DCEO (420)00
RISE Local and Regional Planning Grant Program420-27-2777DCEO (420)310
Route 66 Grant Program420-25-2758DCEO (420)50
SBIR/STTR Match Program420-35-2382DCEO (420)221
Site Improvements420-27-2664DCEO (420)00
Site Improvements420-00-1960DCEO (420)381
Site Improvements420-00-1758DCEO (420)3020
Site Improvements to Develop a Flexible Open Space Park Adjacent to a Waterway - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1861DCEO (420)10
Small Business Community Navigator Program420-27-2561DCEO (420)90
Small Business Development Centers420-35-0083DCEO (420)00
Solar Pipeline Training Program420-00-2750DCEO (420)60
State Apprenticeship Expansion Program420-30-3163DCEO (420)110
State Job Training and Workforce Programs420-30-3352DCEO (420)01
State Local Workforce Area Grants - Direct Appropriations420-30-3299DCEO (420)210
Strategic Economic Development Program420-45-3219DCEO (420)20
Structural Updates to Fire Stations and Backup Generators at Fire Stations - 2019 Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Grant Management Initiative420-00-1781DCEO (420)00
Tourism Attraction Grant Program420-25-2168DCEO (420)00
Tourism Attractions & Festivals Grant Program420-27-2645DCEO (420)760
Tourism Incentive Grant Program420-25-3338DCEO (420)01
Tourism Private Sector Grant Program420-25-2167DCEO (420)00
Trade Adjustment Assistance Program - Formula420-30-0074DCEO (420)120
Trade Adjustment Assistance Program - Nonformula420-30-0073DCEO (420)00
Veterans Assistance Commission of Will County - Programmatic expenses420-00-2337DCEO (420)00
Village of Orland Hills for costs associated with infrastructure improvements420-00-2299DCEO (420)10
Village of Orland Hills for costs associated with infrastructure improvements420-00-2277DCEO (420)10
Village of Orland Hills for costs associated with infrastructure improvements regarding the Orland Hills Recreational Center420-00-2298DCEO (420)10
Western Illinois University - MAPPING grant420-00-2171DCEO (420)10
Wet Lab Capital Program420-35-2363DCEO (420)70
William Rainey Harper College - Education and Work Center in Hanover420-00-2345DCEO (420)10
WIOA Formula Grants420-30-0076DCEO (420)440
WIOA National Dislocated Worker Grants420-30-0080DCEO (420)160
WIOA Statewide Activities - Formula420-30-2161DCEO (420)00
WIOA Statewide Activities - Service Integration and Innovation - Nonformula420-30-0075DCEO (420)00
WIOA Statewide Activities - Talent Pipeline Program420-30-2412DCEO (420)00
WIOA Statewide Rapid Response - Formula420-30-0081DCEO (420)110
Workforce Direct Line Appropriations420-30-2734DCEO (420)50
Workforce Training Grant420-45-3164DCEO (420)00
Program Count: 153202225