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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
1815 - Capricorn Module482-00-2061DPH (482)00
1815 - CHW Strategies482-00-2068DPH (482)00
1815 - DPP Toolkit Training482-00-2066DPH (482)00
Abortion Hotline Grant482-00-3388DPH (482)01
Abortion Provider Training Grant482-00-3339DPH (482)00
Access to Care482-00-3042DPH (482)00
Addressing Post-vention with Technical Assistance: Youth at Risk of Suicide482-00-3092DPH (482)10
Adolescent Health Education & Training Program482-00-3346DPH (482)00
Adolescent Health Program482-00-1598DPH (482)120
Adult Vaccination Coverage Level482-00-3039DPH (482)30
African American AIDS Response Act482-00-1345DPH (482)120
Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia (ADRD) Training Series for Professionals482-00-3364DPH (482)00
Alzheimer’s Disease Early Detection & Awareness Campaign482-00-2781DPH (482)10
Alzheimer’s Disease Physician Early Detection Training482-00-2780DPH (482)10
Antibiotic Stewardship Campaign482-00-2861DPH (482)20
ARPA – Acute Hospital Care at Home Program482-00-3020DPH (482)10
Asthma Care Quality Improvement482-00-2584DPH (482)10
Asthma Control and Health Plans482-00-2341DPH (482)10
Asthma Education, Policy, and Care Coverage482-00-2343DPH (482)10
Asthma Home Visit Collaboration482-00-2349DPH (482)20
Asthma Project ECHO482-00-2871DPH (482)10
Asthma Quality Improvement in Critical Access Hospitals482-00-3132DPH (482)10
Asthma Strategies in Pharmacies482-00-3133DPH (482)10
Baby-ZZZ Safe Sleep Program (Formerly Preventing Sleep-Related Infant Deaths)482-00-1357DPH (482)30
Body Art Establishment Inspection Grant Program482-00-0903DPH (482)600
Bright Smiles from Birth II Oral Health Training482-00-2971DPH (482)10
Carolyn Adams Ticket for the Cure - Community Outreach Grant482-00-0927DPH (482)00
Carolyn Adams Ticket for the Cure Patient Navigation Grant482-00-3325DPH (482)00
Certified Center New Awardee Expansion482-00-2767DPH (482)00
Child/Adolescent Preventing ACES post COVID Program482-00-3095DPH (482)190
Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Grant Program482-00-2524DPH (482)00
Cities Readiness Initiative482-00-0265DPH (482)270
Colorectal Cancer Screening482-00-2942DPH (482)10
Communities of Color Special At Risk Population482-00-0931DPH (482)100
Community Health Assessment and Planning Grant482-00-3281DPH (482)10
Community-Based Reducing Tobacco-Related Disparities Grant482-00-2688DPH (482)00
Comprehensive Cancer CRC EMR Reminder, Recall, Referral482-00-3144DPH (482)10
Comprehensive Cancer Palliative Care482-00-3143DPH (482)10
Comprehensive Cancer Prevention CHW Train-the-Trainer482-00-3142DPH (482)10
Comprehensive Cancer Professional Education482-00-2529DPH (482)10
Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Psychosocial Support482-00-3186DPH (482)10
Comprehensive Health Protection Grant482-00-1734DPH (482)970
Comprehensive Lead Education, Reduction and Window Replacement (CLEAR-Win)482-00-2926DPH (482)50
Comprehensive Sickle Cell Clinical Care482-00-1117DPH (482)10
Comprehensive STD Prevention Services482-00-1023DPH (482)10
Coordinated Approach to Reducing Childhood Asthma Disparities482-00-2585DPH (482)10
Coordination of Oral Health Services482-00-2972DPH (482)10
COVID Equity Grant – Pipeline Program482-00-2916DPH (482)00
COVID Equity Program – Community Revitalization Grant482-00-2833DPH (482)10
Covid Equity Program-Built Environment and Physical Activity482-00-3077DPH (482)00
COVID Health Equity Pandemic Health Navigator Project482-00-2782DPH (482)10
COVID Homeless Supports482-00-2927DPH (482)50
COVID Peer Educator Program482-00-2915DPH (482)10
COVID Pilot Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program482-00-3099DPH (482)00
COVID Pilot Technical Assistance for Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program482-00-3094DPH (482)20
COVID-19 Community Based Testing and Interventions Targeting Minority Population482-00-2509DPH (482)130
COVID-19 Crisis Grant482-00-2406DPH (482)510
COVID-19 Health Equity Program-Promoting Tobacco Cessation and Reducing Tobacco Disparities482-00-3086DPH (482)50
COVID-19 Migrant Workers Mobile Testing & Outbreak Response482-00-2519DPH (482)00
COVID-19 Response Grant - 2022482-00-2803DPH (482)00
COVID-19 Vaccination Grant482-00-3087DPH (482)00
COVID-19 Vaccine Community-Based Education & Outreach FY-2022482-00-2816DPH (482)00
COVID-19 Vaccine Integration into Care482-00-2583DPH (482)10
Creating a Depression Screening Process in School-Based Health Centers482-00-3090DPH (482)20
Critical Access Hospitals - Disease Registries (Formerly 1815 - Critical Access Hospital Strategies)482-00-2063DPH (482)10
Decreasing COVID Risk Factors: Child & Adolescent Nutrition/ Physical Activity Program482-00-3089DPH (482)00
Dementia Caregiver Program for Underserved Populations482-00-3235DPH (482)50
Dementia Early Planning Workshop Series for Diverse Populations482-00-3113DPH (482)20
Diabetes Research Fund482-00-1727DPH (482)20
Diabetes Secondary Prevention482-00-3331DPH (482)01
Direct HIV/HCV Testing482-00-1535DPH (482)100
EHDI Parent-to-Parent Support482-00-2650DPH (482)10
ELC Confinement482-00-2839DPH (482)10
Eliminating Barriers to Timely Oral Health Care482-00-2216DPH (482)10
Emergency Medical Personnel Dementia Core Curriculum482-00-3084DPH (482)00
EMS Assistance482-00-0894DPH (482)151
Enhancing and Expanding Breastfeeding - Illinois482-00-2544DPH (482)10
Enhancing Post-COVID recovery Efforts for School Based Health Needs (Formerly Mental Health Training and Resource Expansion)482-00-2593DPH (482)390
Enhancing Telehealth Post-Covid for Adolescent Health Needs482-00-3088DPH (482)00
Environmental Health Beach Program482-00-0258DPH (482)00
Firearm Safe Storage Strategies482-00-3365DPH (482)00
FQHC-Multidisciplinary Teams482-00-2065DPH (482)10
Free and Charitable Clinics482-00-3018DPH (482)10
Genetic Counseling482-00-0916DPH (482)140
Genetic Counseling and Sickle Cell Expansion482-00-2874DPH (482)10
Genetic Education and Follow-Up482-37-0917DPH (482)66
Ground Water Permit482-00-0905DPH (482)250
Harm Reduction Community Linkages Project482-00-2107DPH (482)70
Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention482-00-1352DPH (482)00
Healthy Beginnings Home Visiting Program482-00-3379DPH (482)00
HIV / AIDS Quality of Life Program482-00-0908DPH (482)120
HIV Prevention Regional Implementation Grant482-00-1038DPH (482)80
HIV Self Testing Grant482-00-3047DPH (482)60
HOPWA HIV Housing Facility482-00-0255DPH (482)70
Hospital Health Protection Grant Program482-00-1716DPH (482)210
Hospital Health Protection- ARPA Grant Program482-00-2813DPH (482)00
Hospital Preparedness - Pediatric Preparedness482-00-1267DPH (482)10
Hospital Preparedness - Regional Hospital Coordinating Center482-00-1061DPH (482)100
Hospital Preparedness Program Special Pathogens Grant482-00-3083DPH (482)00
Hospital Preparedness- IL Medical Emergency Response Team482-00-1062DPH (482)10
Hospitals-Mentor/Mentee Multidisciplinary Teams (Formerly 1815 - Hospital Strategies)482-00-2064DPH (482)10
HPP-Community Health Centers482-00-1066DPH (482)10
Illinois Administrative Perinatal Center Grant482-00-1070DPH (482)100
Illinois Asthma Program Large Asthma Consortium482-00-1049DPH (482)10
Illinois Brain Health Project482-00-3353DPH (482)10
Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program482-00-0922DPH (482)290
Illinois Family Planning Program482-00-0924DPH (482)330
Illinois Hepatitis B Outreach, Awareness, and Education to Immigrants482-00-0932DPH (482)70
Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative482-00-0758DPH (482)20
Illinois Rape Prevention and Education482-00-1468DPH (482)10
Illinois Tobacco Quitline482-00-0915DPH (482)10
Illinois Tobacco-Free Communities482-00-0911DPH (482)480
Illinois WISEWOMAN Program482-00-0923DPH (482)90
Implementation of Core Elements of Antimicrobial Stewardship in Outpatient Settings482-00-2897DPH (482)10
Implementation Phase: Increasing School Health Centers482-00-2914DPH (482)20
Implementation Phase: Increasing Well-Woman Visits - Community Grant482-00-2098DPH (482)120
Implementing Training to Identify Youth at Risk for Suicide482-00-3093DPH (482)10
Improved Access Through Mobile Oral Health Services482-00-2215DPH (482)10
Improving the System for Timely Referrals: Youth at Risk for Suicide482-00-3091DPH (482)10
Increasing COVID-19 Outreach in Refugee, Immigrant & Migrant Populations482-00-2865DPH (482)00
Infection Prevention Liaison Program482-00-1694DPH (482)10
Interfacility Communication and Infection Prevention Efforts Via XDRO Registry482-00-2988DPH (482)10
IQLC - Improving Oral Health in Long Term Care Facilities482-00-2854DPH (482)10
Kidney Care Program482-00-1721DPH (482)10
Lead Poisoning Prevention and Response482-00-1583DPH (482)900
Legacy School Health Center Grant Expansion482-00-2826DPH (482)00
Legislative Initiative 2023 Alton Memorial Hospital482-00-3002DPH (482)00
Legislative Initiatives - Direct Appropriations482-00-3228DPH (482)60
LHD DIS Workforce Development Support Grant482-00-2878DPH (482)210
LHD Respiratory Surveillance and Outbreak Response grant482-00-3371DPH (482)00
Lifestyle Coach Assistance Program482-00-3322DPH (482)11
Local Health Department Overdoses Surveillance and Response Grant482-00-2104DPH (482)00
Local Health Protection Grant482-00-0901DPH (482)970
Long Term Care Accident Prevention Training Grant482-00-2853DPH (482)00
Long Term Care Quality of Life Activities of Daily Living Training Grant482-00-2849DPH (482)00
Long Term Care Quick Improvement Projects482-00-2855DPH (482)00
Lung Cancer Screening482-00-2929DPH (482)10
Managed Care Strategies (Formerly 1815 - Managed Care Strategies)482-00-2062DPH (482)10
Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Fetal Infant Mortality482-00-2106DPH (482)20
Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Perinatal Mental Health Program482-00-2109DPH (482)10
MCH ACEs Grant Program482-00-2546DPH (482)20
MCH Technical Assistance, Training & Education (Formerly - Improve Child and Adolescent Health)482-00-1071DPH (482)10
Medical Provider and Health Systems Interactive ADRD482-00-3372DPH (482)00
Mini Maternal and Child Health Services482-00-0311DPH (482)10
Minority AIDS Initiative/ADAP Program482-00-1027DPH (482)00
Mobile Oral Health Service for Pediatric and Adolescent Populations482-00-2582DPH (482)00
Multiple Sclerosis Research482-00-0914DPH (482)10
Oral Health Needs Assessment and Planning482-00-0776DPH (482)10
Oral Health Promotion Program482-00-2510DPH (482)190
Oral Health Workforce Grant482-00-1463DPH (482)10
Overdose Prevention - Pre-trial Diversion482-00-2961DPH (482)00
Pediatric Readiness in Illinois Critical Access Hospitals482-00-3135DPH (482)10
Pediatric Vaccination Coverage Level482-00-3041DPH (482)70
Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention through Case Management482-00-1025DPH (482)350
Pharmacy Strategies (Formerly 1815 - Pharmacy Strategies)482-00-2060DPH (482)00
Planning Phase: Increasing School Health Centers482-00-2779DPH (482)40
Planning Phase: Increasing Well-Woman Visits - Community Grant Program482-00-2545DPH (482)00
Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis482-00-2083DPH (482)160
Pre-school Vision and Hearing482-00-0919DPH (482)350
PROJECT Access COVID Tests (ACTs) – Phase II 2023482-00-2599DPH (482)00
Project ECHO for Suicide Prevention482-00-3119DPH (482)10
Project Firstline Primary Care482-00-2520DPH (482)00
Prostate Cancer Outreach and Screening482-00-2649DPH (482)10
Public Health Emergency Preparedness482-00-0263DPH (482)950
Rape and Sexual Assault Prevention482-00-0270DPH (482)00
Reach Out and Read Illinois482-00-2936DPH (482)10
REACH: Resilience Education to Advance Community Healing482-00-2761DPH (482)10
Refugee Health Assessment - Other Services482-00-0293DPH (482)20
Regional Vaccine Summit and Media Campaign482-00-3102DPH (482)10
Respiratory Protection Training and Indoor Air Quality482-00-3106DPH (482)20
Routine HIV Screening Development Grant482-00-1621DPH (482)10
Rural IL Opioid Overdose Prevention - Public Safety Involved Linkage to Care482-00-2851DPH (482)10
Rural IL Opioid Overdose Prevention Initiative - Care Coordination482-00-1611DPH (482)00
Rural IL Opioid Overdose Prevention Initiative - Naloxone Distribution482-00-1610DPH (482)10
Ryan White Part B Community Re-entry Support482-00-1350DPH (482)10
Ryan White Part B HIV Care Connect482-00-1031DPH (482)10
Ryan White Part B Lead Agents482-00-1032DPH (482)80
Safe Drinking Water482-00-1034DPH (482)880
School Health Center Grant482-00-0928DPH (482)270
Sickle Cell Follow Up482-00-0918DPH (482)90
Sickle Cell Prevention, Care and Treatment482-00-3040DPH (482)00
Smoke-Free Illinois Act Enforcement Grant482-00-1615DPH (482)140
Southern Illinois Healthcare Strategies (formerly 1815 - Southern Illinois Healthcare Strategies)482-00-2067DPH (482)20
State Primary Care Office Assistance482-00-0269DPH (482)10
State Unintentional Drug Overdose Reporting482-00-2408DPH (482)00
Statewide 211 Grant482-00-3059DPH (482)10
Statewide Mammography Grant482-00-3056DPH (482)00
STI Syphilis Prevention Services Among MSM482-00-2201DPH (482)10
Strengthening Illinois Public Health Administration482-00-3127DPH (482)960
Stroke Awareness Campaign482-00-3239DPH (482)10
Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths482-00-3297DPH (482)00
Suicide Prevention Summit and Zero Suicide Academy482-00-3122DPH (482)00
Syphilis Prevention Services Among Women482-00-2246DPH (482)10
Tanning Program482-00-0902DPH (482)690
Tuberculosis Elimination in Uniting for Ukraine482-00-3105DPH (482)00
Vector Surveillance and Control Grants482-00-0904DPH (482)1750
Violent Death Reporting System482-00-0921DPH (482)00
Wellness on Wheels482-00-2749DPH (482)90
WIIN - Day Care Lead Water Testing482-00-2397DPH (482)00
Workforce Development482-00-3367DPH (482)00
Program Count: 200167610