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Program TitleCSFA NumberAgencyActive
100% SABG Training & Evaluation Grants444-26-1541DHS (444)30
121 Mental Health Juvenile Justice444-22-0631DHS (444)220
200 Housing Bridge Subsidy Administrator444-22-0620DHS (444)40
215 Housing First Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)444-22-2616DHS (444)70
220 Housing MI Supportive444-22-1482DHS (444)160
225 Housing is Recovery444-22-3139DHS (444)80
230 Outpatient Fitness Restoration444-22-2344DHS (444)130
235 Successful Reentry444-22-3072DHS (444)10
240 Successful Transitions444-22-3343DHS (444)20
2707 Chicago Survivors444-22-2707DHS (444)10
2nd Chance Act for Youth Offender Reentry444-80-2327DHS (444)00
400 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) Call Center444-22-2487DHS (444)10
401 Suicide Prevention Call Center Enhancement (SPCE)444-22-2857DHS (444)60
402 Suicide Prevention First Responders444-22-2873DHS (444)80
403 Suicide Prevention Call Center Expansion Cook444-22-3101DHS (444)10
430 Community Support Team444-22-0623DHS (444)11
510-CCCP Cook Crisis Counseling Program444-22-3270DHS (444)10
510-FDCC FEMA Disaster Crisis Counseling444-22-3115DHS (444)00
510-FEPP First Episode Presentation Program444-22-1294DHS (444)200
510-FFRI Farm Family Resource Initiative444-22-2346DHS (444)10
510-NAMI Regions Special Mental Health Services444-22-1709DHS (444)10
510-RBHA Regions Rural Behavioral Health Access444-22-1182DHS (444)10
510-RTLR Regions The Living Room444-22-1484DHS (444)200
510-SFFD September Flood FEMA Disaster444-22-3349DHS (444)10
515-AHSP Asian Human Services Program444-22-3010DHS (444)10
515-BHLR Behavioral Health Loan Repayment444-22-2923DHS (444)10
515-BHSS Behavioral Health Supportive Services444-22-3326DHS (444)00
515-BHWE Behavioral Health Workforce Education Center444-22-2844DHS (444)10
515-CASS Counseling And Suicide Support444-22-3263DHS (444)10
515-CBCP - Comm Bsd Counseling and Psychotherapy444-22-3043DHS (444)10
515-CFRW Chicago First Responders Wellness444-22-3180DHS (444)00
515-COFI Community Organizing Family Issues444-22-3265DHS (444)10
515-CPDM Chicago Police Memorial Foundation444-22-2708DHS (444)10
515-CSSI Comprehensive Structural Stigma Index444-22-3257DHS (444)10
515-ECIC Ethnic Communities In Crisis444-22-3255DHS (444)10
515-EFAP Emergency Financial Assistance Program444-22-3259DHS (444)10
515-ELSM (Elyssa's Mission Program)444-22-3012DHS (444)10
515-FCTS- Family Counseling & Tutoring Services444-22-3316DHS (444)10
515-FICC- Family Individuals Community Care444-22-3283DHS (444)10
515-HAIF Housing Assistance for Individuals and Families444-22-3307DHS (444)10
515-HDSD Health Disparities & Social Determinants444-22-3377DHS (444)00
515-IBHP Impact Behavioral Health Partners444-22-3260DHS (444)10
515-IHPA IL Health Practice Alliance444-22-3116DHS (444)10
515-JGCP Josselyn Center (Grayslake)444-22-3258DHS (444)10
515-JGCP Josselyn Center (Grayslake)444-22-3296DHS (444)00
515-JIFS Juvenile Inpatient Forensic Services444-22-1183DHS (444)10
515-KENN Kennedy Forum444-22-2711DHS (444)00
515-MOAM Mothers OnA Mission28444-22-3273DHS (444)10
515-PFOC Partners for Our Communities444-22-3261DHS (444)10
515-PMHS Psychotherapy and Mental Health Services444-22-3370DHS (444)00
515-RDSP Regions Deaf Special Program444-22-1184DHS (444)41
515-RIPS Regions IPS Trainers444-22-1185DHS (444)10
515-RMSD Regions Extended MISA Detox444-22-1186DHS (444)10
515-SURS Substance Use & Recovery Services (Legislative Add-On)444-22-3256DHS (444)00
515-TATS Trauma Assessment Treatment Services444-22-3262DHS (444)00
515-TCCP Thrive Counseling Center444-22-3266DHS (444)10
515-TICW Trauma Informed Care Workshops444-22-3378DHS (444)00
515-YIGT Youth Individual & Group Therapy444-22-3264DHS (444)10
515-YMPH (Young Moms Poverty & Homelessness)444-22-3284DHS (444)10
520 Regions Donated Funds Initiative444-22-0626DHS (444)80
574 Psychiatric Medications444-22-0635DHS (444)200
575 Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)444-22-0636DHS (444)121
590 Crisis Care System444-22-2539DHS (444)640
620 Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA)444-22-0638DHS (444)240
710 Outreach Peer Ambassador Program444-22-0627DHS (444)20
720 Drop-In Center444-22-0639DHS (444)150
785 Cluster Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)444-22-1253DHS (444)60
791 Accessible Housing and Assistive Technology444-22-2238DHS (444)20
792 Quality Assurance and Data Analytics444-22-2239DHS (444)20
796 Neuropsych Assessments444-22-1195DHS (444)20
800 Front Door Diversion Project444-22-1529DHS (444)60
814 CRSS (Certified Recovery Support Specialist) Success Program444-22-2690DHS (444)110
820 Supported Residential444-22-1200DHS (444)430
830 Supervised Residential444-22-1202DHS (444)510
832 Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) Community Reintegration444-22-2469DHS (444)60
834 Jail Based Mental Health Services444-22-3222DHS (444)10
840 Reintegration Residential444-22-0646DHS (444)20
850 Comprehensive Class Member Transition Program444-22-2211DHS (444)170
860 Crisis Residential444-22-1205DHS (444)110
866 In-Home Recovery Support444-22-1207DHS (444)20
Access for Illinois Children with Autism444-24-1712DHS (444)10
Access to Justice444-80-2219DHS (444)20
Access to MAR in Community444-26-2847DHS (444)10
Access to MAR NOW444-26-2882DHS (444)10
Access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) - SOR444-26-1725DHS (444)50
Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Inc.444-80-2983DHS (444)10
Afghan Legal Services444-80-2938DHS (444)10
After School Professional Development Opportunities - Child Care Assistance Programs444-84-2896DHS (444)10
After School Professional Development Opportunities - Child Care Assistance Programs444-80-1235DHS (444)00
After School Violence Prevention (ASVP) not funded FY22444-80-2199DHS (444)00
After the Peanut444-84-3335DHS (444)10
All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks444-84-2902DHS (444)130
All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks444-80-1251DHS (444)00
Alternative Schools Network444-80-2949DHS (444)10
AmeriCorps Climate Corps444-80-3329DHS (444)01
AmeriCorps Competitive Fixed444-80-2807DHS (444)00
AmeriCorps Competitive Traditional444-80-2808DHS (444)60
AmeriCorps Formula Fixed444-80-2809DHS (444)10
AmeriCorps Formula Traditional444-80-2810DHS (444)190
AmeriCorps Planning Grant444-80-3328DHS (444)00
AmeriCorps Southern Border Arrivals Assistance Corps444-80-3330DHS (444)11
AmeriCorps Volunteer Generation Fund444-80-3341DHS (444)00
ARPA Illinois Youth Investment Program444-80-2752DHS (444)00
ARPA Illinois Youth Investment Program-Community Intermediaries (AICI)444-80-2751DHS (444)00
ASALA - After School Art and Leadership Academy444-80-2622DHS (444)10
ASI Homecare444-99-2668DHS (444)00
ASI Homecare444-30-3032DHS (444)00
Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, St. Louis Chapter444-30-3097DHS (444)10
Asylum Seeker Morale, Wellness and Recreation444-80-3104DHS (444)10
Asylum Seeker Nutrition Security444-80-3386DHS (444)10
Asylum Seeker Support Services444-80-3208DHS (444)00
Asylum Seeker Temporary Protective Status (TPS) and Employment Authorization (EA) Program444-80-3289DHS (444)10
Asylum Seekers Shelter and Services Program (SSP)444-80-3290DHS (444)10
Asylum Seekers Staff Mental Health Training444-80-3210DHS (444)10
Austin Childcare Provider's Network444-84-2909DHS (444)10
Autism Awareness444-24-1505DHS (444)10
Basic Supports Enhanced Services444-80-2658DHS (444)160
Basic Supports Enhanced Services (United Way of Greater St Louis Legislative Add On)444-80-3060DHS (444)00
Becoming A Man (BAM)444-80-2188DHS (444)10
Best Buddies Illinois (BBIL) Project444-24-0836DHS (444)10
BFB - Black Fire Brigade444-80-2623DHS (444)00
BGC-WC444-80-2243DHS (444)00
Black Ensemble Theater444-80-3004DHS (444)10
Black Men United for Reformation, Restoration and Resilience444-80-2693DHS (444)20
Block Grant Expense Based Prevention Grants444-26-1553DHS (444)720
Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse - OMT444-26-0723DHS (444)10
Boys and Girls Club of Alton-Project Learn -Power Hour: Making Minutes Count and High-Yield Learning Activities.444-80-2620DHS (444)00
Build, Inc.444-80-3006DHS (444)10
Building Positive Youth & Families at Tri-Town YMCA444-80-2638DHS (444)00
Bullying is not the Answer444-80-2985DHS (444)10
CADC Workforce Expansion444-26-3046DHS (444)10
Calumet Memorial Park District444-80-2987DHS (444)10
Casa Central444-30-3037DHS (444)00
Casa Central444-99-2724DHS (444)00
Casa Michaocan Case Management and Social Services Project444-80-2703DHS (444)20
Case Management and Support Coordination (PAS, ISC, and Bogard )444-24-0834DHS (444)00
Centro de Informacion-Legislative Add on444-80-3247DHS (444)10
Centro Romero-Domestic Violence and Adult Education Services for Immigrants/Refugees444-80-3000DHS (444)00
Centro Romero-Legislative Add on444-80-3253DHS (444)00
CFC444-80-2244DHS (444)00
Chicago Family Connects444-80-2420DHS (444)10
Chicago Youth Development & Intervention Services (CYDIS)444-80-3007DHS (444)660
Child Care and Development Block Grant444-80-0648DHS (444)00
Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Implementation Research and Evaluation Cooperative Agreement444-80-1696DHS (444)00
Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Implementation Research and Evaluation Cooperative Agreement444-84-2906DHS (444)00
Child Care Assistance Program- Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants444-84-2893DHS (444)30
Child Care Assistance Program- Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants444-80-1225DHS (444)00
Child Care Assistance Program- Site Administered444-80-1223DHS (444)00
Child Care Assistance Program- Site Administered444-84-2943DHS (444)10
Child Care Resource and Referral Program - Child Care Assistance Program444-84-2884DHS (444)140
Child Care Resource and Referral Program - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-0211DHS (444)00
Child Care Supplemental Discretionary Funds American Rescue Plan Act444-84-3209DHS (444)00
Chinese Mutual Aid Association- Immigrant Adult and Senior Service Programs444-80-2975DHS (444)00
City of Brooklyn444-80-3021DHS (444)00
City of Cahokia Heights444-80-3053DHS (444)10
City of Chicago Asylum Support Grant444-80-3103DHS (444)00
City of Fairmont444-80-2963DHS (444)00
City of Madison444-80-2986DHS (444)10
City of North Chicago444-80-2984DHS (444)10
City of Peoria for Violence Prevention Program444-80-2950DHS (444)00
City of Venice444-80-2989DHS (444)10
City of Waukegan444-80-2962DHS (444)10
Club Apaseo el Alto444-30-3033DHS (444)10
Club Apaseo el Alto444-99-2669DHS (444)00
Commodity Supplemental Food Program444-80-0667DHS (444)30
Communities United Family Support Initiative444-80-2684DHS (444)00
Community Day Service Enhancements Program444-24-3347DHS (444)10
Community Equity Grassroots E&T Initiative444-80-2459DHS (444)70
Community Garden and Sexual Health Project444-80-3003DHS (444)10
Community Wellness444-80-1489DHS (444)10
Community Youth Services444-80-0846DHS (444)220
Competitive Integrated Employment Capacity444-88-2811DHS (444)10
Competitive Integrated Employment Capacity444-24-3031DHS (444)100
Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services444-80-0710DHS (444)290
Cook County Violence Prevention444-80-3068DHS (444)10
Court Based Eviction Prevention Program444-80-2920DHS (444)00
COVID-19 Community Garden Food Desert Pilot Project444-80-2466DHS (444)00
COVID-19 Faith Based Hunger Pilot444-80-2465DHS (444)00
COVID-19 Grassroots Education, Outreach and Communications Project444-80-2479DHS (444)00
Crisis Response Homeless Prevention Program444-80-3269DHS (444)10
Crisis Response Housing Acceleration Program Program444-80-3268DHS (444)10
CYPAP - Community Youth Peace Ambassador Program444-80-2640DHS (444)10
DD Payments for Recruitment & Retention444-24-3140DHS (444)00
DEIRJ Consultation444-84-3015DHS (444)00
Dental Program (400)444-24-0829DHS (444)20
DHS Home Services Program - Not subject to Uniform Guidance and GATA under 2 CFR 200.101444-21-0614DHS (444)00
DHS Independent Living Services for Older Individuals Who are Blind444-30-0189DHS (444)120
DHS Independent Living State Grants - Not subject to 2CFR 200.203, 204 and 206444-30-1167DHS (444)220
DHS Rehabilitation Services Vocational Rehabilitation Grants to States - Not subject to 2CFR 200.203, 204 and 206444-30-0184DHS (444)00
DHS Social Security Disability Insurance - Not subject to 2CFR 200444-20-0230DHS (444)00
DHS State Grant for Assistive Technology Program - Not subject to 2CFR 200.203, 204 and 206444-30-0192DHS (444)00
DHS Supported Employment Program - Not subject to 2CFR 200.203, 204 and 206444-30-0618DHS (444)00
Digital Recovery Support Toolkit - SOR Grant444-26-2007DHS (444)40
Domestic and Sexual Violence Enhanced Services444-80-2651DHS (444)140
Domestic Violence Health Services444-80-3302DHS (444)170
Domestic Violence Helpline444-80-1224DHS (444)10
Domestic Violence InfoNet444-80-1221DHS (444)10
Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention Program444-80-0652DHS (444)580
Domestic Violence Training444-80-1222DHS (444)20
DUI Basic Orientation Training444-26-1567DHS (444)00
Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity444-84-2912DHS (444)30
Early Childhood Alliance of Niles Township444-84-3362DHS (444)10
East Bluff Community Center444-80-2960DHS (444)10
ECO After School Program444-80-2624DHS (444)00
Education, Training, and Enhanced Services to End Violence Against and Abuse of Women with Disabilities444-80-0175DHS (444)10
Educational Programming LAO444-84-3334DHS (444)10
Ellis Park Youth Engagement Committee444-80-2951DHS (444)00
Emergency and Transitional Housing Program444-80-0656DHS (444)900
Emergency Food Assistance Program (Administrative Costs)444-80-0166DHS (444)80
Emergency Food Assistance Program (CCC)444-80-3298DHS (444)80
Emergency Food Assistance Program (Food Commodities)444-80-0167DHS (444)00
Emergency Food Assistance Program (Reach and Resiliency)444-80-3318DHS (444)80
Emergency Solutions Grant Program444-80-0496DHS (444)790
Employee Connections444-80-2952DHS (444)10
Employment and Educational Services Program, Legislative Add-on444-24-3278DHS (444)10
Employment and Training Enhanced Services444-80-2968DHS (444)20
Enhancing Adult Growth through Lifestyle Education and Service - Legislative Add-On444-24-3287DHS (444)10
Enlace Chicago - Immigrant Social Services Assistance Project444-80-2701DHS (444)00
Epilepsy Program (250)444-24-0830DHS (444)70
ETH Bridge444-80-3243DHS (444)20
Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago Immigrant Support Initiative444-80-2976DHS (444)00
Eviction Mitigation Legal Assistance Program444-80-2512DHS (444)10
Eviction Mitigation Rental and Court Based Assistance Program444-80-2559DHS (444)00
Expense Based Prevention Grants Subject to NOFO & Merit Based Review444-26-1552DHS (444)00
Expense Based Substance Use Disorders and Gambling Disorder Services444-26-2841DHS (444)520
Eyes on the Future444-84-3337DHS (444)10
Family Advocate - Special Project444-24-1506DHS (444)10
Family Case Management/High Risk Infant Follow-up444-80-2535DHS (444)910
Family Focus Chicago-Legislative Add On444-80-3305DHS (444)10
Family Health Technical Assistance444-84-2903DHS (444)10
Family Health Technical Assistance444-80-1258DHS (444)00
Family Matters444-80-2953DHS (444)00
FDA Tobacco Compliance Program444-26-1623DHS (444)10
Federacion de Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois (FEDECMI)-Youth/Adult Social Service Programs444-80-2594DHS (444)00
Federal Discretionary Grants for Substance Use Disorders444-26-2486DHS (444)690
FEMA Feeding Mission (TEFAP)444-80-2643DHS (444)00
Fixed Rate Substance Use Disorder and Gambling Disorder Services444-26-0724DHS (444)1210
Funeral and Burial444-80-1590DHS (444)00
FY21-FY23 Illinois Youth Investment Program444-80-2377DHS (444)00
FY24 Legislative AddOn - Chinese Mutal Aid Association444-80-3231DHS (444)10
Gambling Disorder Public Awareness Support Services444-26-2842DHS (444)10
Governors State University-Legislative Add-On444-80-3249DHS (444)10
Greater Illinois Reimagine Youth Intervention Services444-80-3005DHS (444)360
Greater Illinois Trauma Informed Behavioral Health Services (TIBHS)444-80-2600DHS (444)210
Greater Illinois Violence Prevention Council Coordinator (GI-VPCC)444-80-3023DHS (444)80
Group Respite (880)444-24-1545DHS (444)110
Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Program444-40-0179DHS (444)00
Harvey Park District444-80-2974DHS (444)10
HCD Special Project Contracts444-80-1252DHS (444)10
Head Start444-80-0212DHS (444)00
Head Start444-84-2886DHS (444)10
Healing Illinois444-80-2458DHS (444)10
Healthy Living Education Project444-80-3292DHS (444)10
Healthy Local Food Systems Pilot Program444-80-2540DHS (444)10
Hephzibah House after school program444-80-2732DHS (444)00
High Needs Interventions CPS444-26-2883DHS (444)10
High Risk Family Case Management444-80-3383DHS (444)00
Home Illinois444-80-2969DHS (444)00
Home Modification Program444-21-3214DHS (444)10
Homeless Emergency Rental Assistance444-80-3285DHS (444)00
Homeless Prevention Pilots - Illinois Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness444-80-2980DHS (444)10
Homeless Prevention Program444-80-0657DHS (444)410
Homeless Tax Write-In Program444-80-0659DHS (444)00
Homeless Youth444-80-0711DHS (444)270
Hope Fair Housing Center444-99-2733DHS (444)00
Hope Fair Housing Center444-30-3038DHS (444)00
Housing Healthcare and Hope Project444-80-3282DHS (444)10
Housing Navigator Emergency Room Pilot - Illinois Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness444-80-3166DHS (444)10
Howard Area Community Center444-80-2954DHS (444)00
Howard Brown Youth Center444-80-2955DHS (444)00
Hunger Relief - 0706444-80-2224DHS (444)80
ICCB - Illinois Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness444-80-3027DHS (444)10
IDHS Home Visiting444-84-2889DHS (444)300
IDHS-DEC Home Visiting444-84-2888DHS (444)350
IDHS-DEC Home Visiting444-80-0660DHS (444)00
IHDA ARPA Opening Doors444-80-3098DHS (444)10
Illinois – Equitable Access Towards Sustainable Systems (EATS) funded by LFPA444-80-3189DHS (444)200
Illinois Board of Higher Education - Illinois Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness444-80-2937DHS (444)00
Illinois Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems: Health Integration Prenatal- to-Three Project444-80-2654DHS (444)10
Illinois Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems: Health Integration Prenatal-to-Three Project444-84-2908DHS (444)10
Illinois Early Childhood Educator Apprenticeship Pilot444-84-3029DHS (444)10
Illinois Farm to Food Bank (TEFAP)444-80-2481DHS (444)20
Illinois Housing Development Authority ARPA Carter Temple Community Development Corporation444-80-3194DHS (444)10
Illinois Housing Development Authority ARPA COVID-19 Affordable Housing Grant Program444-80-3193DHS (444)10
Illinois Housing Development Authority ARPA Permanent Support Housing444-80-3190DHS (444)10
Illinois Housing Development Authority Emergency Rental Assistance Program444-80-3192DHS (444)10
Illinois Housing Development Authority Homeowners Assistance Program444-80-3191DHS (444)10
Illinois Housing Development Authority Save Our Neighborhood444-80-3195DHS (444)10
Illinois Housing Development Authority State Funded Programs444-80-3187DHS (444)10
Illinois Immigrant and Refugee Employment & Training Project444-80-2462DHS (444)00
Illinois Migrant Council Case Management and Referral Services Program444-80-2660DHS (444)00
Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative Partnership444-80-1653DHS (444)10
Illinois Prevent Prescription Drug/Opioid Overdose-Related Deaths444-26-1543DHS (444)10
Illinois State Opioid Response (SOR) Grant444-26-1755DHS (444)50
Illinois Youth Investment Program (IYIP)444-80-3356DHS (444)530
Illinois Youth Investment Program Evaluation (IYIPE)444-80-3215DHS (444)00
Illinois Youth Investment Program-Summer (IYIP-S)444-80-3080DHS (444)00
Illinois Youth Investment Program-Summer Jobs444-80-3357DHS (444)200
Immigrant and Refugee Legal Aid Clinic444-80-2702DHS (444)00
Immigrant Integration444-80-1456DHS (444)40
Immigrant Legal Aid444-80-3251DHS (444)10
Immigrant Legal Aid and Immigration Pro Bono Network444-80-2869DHS (444)100
Inclusion Program, Legislative Add on444-24-3332DHS (444)10
Inclusive Service Program, Legislative Add on444-24-3340DHS (444)10
Independent Monitoring of Division of Developmental Disabilities Transitions444-24-1651DHS (444)10
Independent Service Coordination444-24-1731DHS (444)110
Integrated Health Model Expansion Project444-80-3311DHS (444)10
Juvenile Justice Councils and Juvenile Justice Youth Serving Programs444-80-1270DHS (444)171
Juvenile Justice Training, Technical Assistance and Support444-80-1269DHS (444)21
Kenwood Oakland Community Organization444-80-2956DHS (444)10
Latinos Progresando-Legislative Add-On444-80-3248DHS (444)10
Latinx Outreach - Special Project444-24-1508DHS (444)20
Leaders Ignited for Evident Change (L.I.F.E. Change!)444-80-2625DHS (444)10
Leadership Training and Tiered Reimbursement - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-1238DHS (444)00
Leadership Training and Tiered Reimbursement - Child Care Assistance Program444-84-2898DHS (444)10
Legislative Add On - Grace and Peace Church Community Center444-80-3232DHS (444)10
Legislative Add On SUD Prevention Partnership, SABG Treatment & Recovery Grants444-26-2386DHS (444)180
Legislative Add On- Workforce development and support services to Spanish-speaking immigrants and members of Chicago's Latino communities,444-80-3291DHS (444)10
Legislative Add On-Afghan Refugee Transition Program444-80-3229DHS (444)10
Lifespan Respite Care444-24-2728DHS (444)10
Lifespan Special Project444-24-1600DHS (444)10
Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church- Migrant and Homeless Assistance and Support Programs444-80-3246DHS (444)10
Logan Square Neighborhood Association444-80-2628DHS (444)00
LUV Institute444-80-2957DHS (444)10
Mapping Project - Child Care Assistance Program444-84-2899DHS (444)10
Mapping Project - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-1240DHS (444)00
Marcie's Babies Project444-80-3360DHS (444)00
Maternal & Child Health Program - Better Birth Outcomes444-80-0226DHS (444)210
Maternal Child Home Visiting444-84-2892DHS (444)10
Maternal Child Home Visiting ( formerly Parents Too Soon) - American Rescue Plan Act, State Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency (State CURE) Fund444-84-2913DHS (444)10
Medical Respite- Illinois Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness444-80-3026DHS (444)10
Metropolitan Asian Family Services-Legislative Add-On444-80-3254DHS (444)10
MIECHV Home Visiting Program444-80-0661DHS (444)00
MIECHV Home Visiting Program - American Rescue Plan Act Funding for Home Visiting444-80-2667DHS (444)00
MIECHV Home Visiting Program - American Rescue Plan Act Funding for Home Visiting444-84-2911DHS (444)170
Migrant and Seasonal Head Start444-84-2887DHS (444)60
Migrant and Seasonal Head Start444-80-0650DHS (444)00
Mildred Wiley Wellness Hub Project444-80-3324DHS (444)10
NAACP-WB CDP444-80-2242DHS (444)10
New Life Centers Mentoring444-80-2631DHS (444)00
Non-Traditional Hours Care Pilot444-84-3216DHS (444)00
Northshore Senior Center444-30-3034DHS (444)10
Northshore Senior Center444-99-2670DHS (444)00
Northwest side housing Center444-80-2685DHS (444)00
Oak Park and River Forest Infant Welfare Society Project444-80-3120DHS (444)10
Occupational Therapy Life Skill Program, Legislative Add-on444-24-3288DHS (444)10
Office of Adolescent Health - Tier 1B: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program444-80-0960DHS (444)00
Office of Community and Positive Youth Development New Special Appropriations444-80-3224DHS (444)1190
Office of Population Affairs - Tier 1 Phase 1: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program444-80-2198DHS (444)00
Optimally Changing the Map - Tier 1444-80-2457DHS (444)00
Oral Health Forum Project444-80-2966DHS (444)10
ORBIS Youth Assessment and Screening444-80-2832DHS (444)10
OUR - ASEP NOT funded FY22444-80-2241DHS (444)00
Parents Care and Share444-84-2890DHS (444)10
Parents Care and Share - Social Services Block Grant444-80-0662DHS (444)00
Parents Too Soon444-80-0664DHS (444)00
Parents Too Soon - American Rescue Plan Act, State Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency (State CURE) Fund444-80-2666DHS (444)00
Partner Abuse Intervention Program444-80-0653DHS (444)340
Pathways to Partnerships: Improving Transition Outcomes of Illinois Students with Disabilities444-30-3333DHS (444)70
Peacekeepers Program444-80-3013DHS (444)20
Peoria County for Youth Outreach444-80-2965DHS (444)00
Peoria Friendship House444-80-2990DHS (444)00
Permanent Supportive Housing444-26-2786DHS (444)60
Pilsen Neighbors Community Council Education and Work Force Development Project444-80-2689DHS (444)10
PPYM - Postsecondary Persistence for Young Moms444-80-2633DHS (444)00
Precious Blood Ministry Reconciliation444-80-2659DHS (444)00
Pregnant Teens Doula444-80-1259DHS (444)00
Pregnant Teens Doula444-84-2904DHS (444)00
Preschool Development Grant Birth to Five444-84-2907DHS (444)00
Preschool Development Grant Birth to Five444-80-2485DHS (444)00
Prevent Child Abuse Support444-80-1279DHS (444)00
Prevent Child Abuse Support444-84-2905DHS (444)10
Prison Rape and Elimination Act (PREA) Project444-80-2407DHS (444)00
Project Learn of Central Illinois444-80-2621DHS (444)00
Project Learn of Decatur444-80-2619DHS (444)00
Public Health AmeriCorps444-80-2970DHS (444)30
Rapid Rehousing Program (RRH)444-80-3153DHS (444)490
Re-Entry Housing Pilot Program444-80-3280DHS (444)00
Rec n’ Roll Adult Community Day Program, Legislative Add-on444-24-3276DHS (444)10
Redeploy Illinois444-80-0714DHS (444)110
Redeploy Illinois - Planning Grant444-80-2350DHS (444)31
Refugee Resettlement Program / Case Management444-80-3057DHS (444)10
Refugee Resettlement Program/Refugee Employment and Social Services Programs444-80-0207DHS (444)10
Refugee Resettlement Program/Refugee Health Services444-80-0692DHS (444)100
Regional Care Coordination Agency (The RCCA)444-26-3078DHS (444)10
Reimagine High-Risk Youth Intervention Services444-80-2776DHS (444)40
Reimagine Public Safety Act Conveners444-80-2773DHS (444)180
Report on Health and Mortality for Homeless Individuals444-80-3241DHS (444)00
Residential/ In-Home Respite Program (87D and 89D)444-24-0833DHS (444)00
Responsible Parenting444-84-2891DHS (444)20
Responsible Parenting - Social Services Block Grant444-80-0663DHS (444)00
REY Recreation & Education for Youth444-80-2636DHS (444)00
Rogers Park Community Council dba Northside Community Resources444-80-3233DHS (444)10
RPSA Evaluation, Technical Assistance & Support (RETAS)444-80-2680DHS (444)00
RPSA Greater Illinois Training and Technical Assistance Program (GI-TTAS)444-80-3014DHS (444)30
RPSA Violence Prevention Services444-80-2774DHS (444)990
RPSA Violence Prevention Training, Technical Assistance and Support (RVP-TTAS)444-80-2771DHS (444)30
RPSA Youth Development Services444-80-2775DHS (444)320
RPSA Youth Development Training, Technical Assistance and Support (RYD-TTAS)444-80-2772DHS (444)30
Rural Youth Services Enhanced (RYSE)444-80-2531DHS (444)21
Sangamon County444-80-2958DHS (444)00
Scattered Site Permanent Suppportive Housing Program (SS-PSH)444-80-3152DHS (444)320
Service Enhancement for Pregnant and Postpartum Women with OUD444-26-1746DHS (444)40
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response444-80-0654DHS (444)10
Shelter Diversion Program444-80-3154DHS (444)390
SHPA - Illinois Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness444-80-3028DHS (444)10
SNAP & TANF E&T Training and Technical Assistance444-80-2538DHS (444)10
SOAR- Support through Opportunities, Academics, and Recreation444-80-2637DHS (444)10
SOR FQHC Administered OUD Treatment Services444-26-1757DHS (444)30
SOR Hospital Screening and Warm Handoff444-26-1747DHS (444)70
South Shore Chamber of Commerce444-84-3336DHS (444)00
South Shore Works444-80-2991DHS (444)00
South Shores NNA444-80-2630DHS (444)00
South Side Mission of Peoria County444-80-2967DHS (444)10
Special Children's Charities / Special Olympics Chicago - ARPA444-80-2769DHS (444)10
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Child and Family Connections444-84-2880DHS (444)251
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Child and Family Connections444-80-0190DHS (444)00
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Clearinghouse444-80-1241DHS (444)00
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Clearinghouse444-84-2900DHS (444)11
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Credentialing444-84-2895DHS (444)11
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Credentialing444-80-1230DHS (444)00
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Training Program444-80-1229DHS (444)00
Special Education-Grants for Infants and Families - Early Intervention - Training Program444-84-2894DHS (444)11
Special Olympics and Special Children's Charities Fund - Program 450-021444-24-1569DHS (444)20
Special Olympics Illinois (Normal) - ARPA444-80-2770DHS (444)10
Special Olympics Illinois (Program 450-0004)444-24-1570DHS (444)10
Special Recreation Program, Legislative Add on444-24-3303DHS (444)00
Specialized Services for IDD individuals, Legislative Add-on444-24-3354DHS (444)10
SRBCC ART444-80-2635DHS (444)00
SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital – Centralia444-80-2700DHS (444)10
St Clair County444-80-2992DHS (444)10
State Administrative Matching Grants for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program444-80-0164DHS (444)00
Statewide CCR&R and Provider Supports and Services - Child Care Assistance Program444-80-1250DHS (444)00
Statewide CCR&R and Provider Supports and Services - Child Care Assistance Program444-84-2901DHS (444)30
Statewide Referral Network Homeless Program - Illinois Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness444-80-3179DHS (444)00
STEMUP - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - Upward Potential444-80-2634DHS (444)00
Subminimum Wage to Competitive Integrated Employment (SWTCIE) Illinois444-30-3025DHS (444)70
Substance Use Disorder and Gambling Public Awareness Campaigns444-26-0730DHS (444)30
Substance Use Disorder Block Grant Treatment & Recovery Grants444-26-0726DHS (444)390
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program444-80-0160DHS (444)00
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Support Services)444-80-0709DHS (444)00
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to Success444-80-1455DHS (444)00
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Special Project)444-80-0708DHS (444)00
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Earnfare444-80-0705DHS (444)60
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP Education444-80-0675DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP Job Placement/SNAP to Success444-80-0707DHS (444)210
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP Outreach444-80-0676DHS (444)50
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program444-80-0670DHS (444)670
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Food Center - FMNP444-80-1702DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Food Center Program444-80-0669DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Program444-80-0668DHS (444)940
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children - WIC Statewide Outreach444-80-0673DHS (444)10
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children - Farmers Market444-80-0671DHS (444)380
Support Municipalities for Asylum Seeker Services444-80-3212DHS (444)10
Supportive Housing ARPA444-80-2705DHS (444)420
Supportive Housing Program444-80-0658DHS (444)840
SYI - Supports for Youth Impact444-80-2644DHS (444)10
TANF Employment & Training - Parent Mentor Program444-80-0700DHS (444)10
TANF Employment & Training Program - Job Placement with Retention Program444-80-0699DHS (444)200
TANF Employment & Training Program - Special Projects Program - Community Resource Development Program444-80-1268DHS (444)10
TANF Employment & Training Program - Support Services Program444-80-0701DHS (444)10
TANF Employment and Training Special Projects - College Scholarship Program444-80-2877DHS (444)20
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program-Personal Responsibility Education Program444-80-0687DHS (444)150
Teen REACH (Responsibility, Education, Achievement, Caring and Hope)444-80-1411DHS (444)680
Teen REACH Training, Technical Assistance & Support - TR-TTAS444-80-1550DHS (444)10
Therapeutic Recreation Program444-24-3327DHS (444)10
Thornton Township444-80-2993DHS (444)00
Title XX DFI Senior Services444-80-1216DHS (444)290
Title XX DFI Child and Family Services444-80-1213DHS (444)90
Title XX DFI Crisis Nurseries444-80-1220DHS (444)60
Title XX DFI DevelopmentalDisabiltites/Mental Health444-80-1217DHS (444)340
Title XX DFI Ex Offender Program444-80-1214DHS (444)80
Title XX DFI Family Services Employability Development444-80-1219DHS (444)90
Title XX DFI Family Support444-80-1218DHS (444)100
Title XX DFI Refugee & Immigrant Services444-80-1233DHS (444)30
Title XX DFI Self-Sufficiency and Self-Support (DRS) - Exempt from 2 CFR 200.101 with the exception of 202 and 330 through 332.444-30-1288DHS (444)110
Title XX DFI Youth Services-juvenile offenders, delinquent or pre-delinquent youth or other youth in custody of DOC444-80-1215DHS (444)20
Tobacco Enforcement Program444-26-1565DHS (444)710
Too Good for Violence444-80-2626DHS (444)00
Touch by An Angel Community Enrichment Center444-80-2208DHS (444)00
Training & Evaluation Grants Subject to NOFO444-26-2379DHS (444)40
Transgender/Gender Diverse (TGD) Wellness and Equity Program444-80-3227DHS (444)10
Triage Centers - Illinois Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness444-80-3185DHS (444)40
UAS-Westside Transition Academy444-80-2240DHS (444)10
United 211444-80-2627DHS (444)10
United African Organization-Legislative Add on444-80-3309DHS (444)10
United Power Emergency Fund444-80-2753DHS (444)10
VIP PUZZLE nor funded FY22444-80-2218DHS (444)00
Voucher Respite444-24-1511DHS (444)70
Wayne/Winfield Area Youth/Family Services (WAYS)-Legislative Add-On444-80-3250DHS (444)00
WCYMCA444-80-2639DHS (444)00
Welcoming Center444-80-1493DHS (444)460
Well Kids Learning Hub444-80-2716DHS (444)00
West Austin444-84-3044DHS (444)00
Wonder Works Youth Impact Program444-80-2745DHS (444)10
Workforce Poverty Initiative - Employment Barrer Fund444-80-0689DHS (444)10
WOW- Working on Womanhood444-80-2686DHS (444)10
Y of Metropolitan Chicago Rauner Center LAO444-84-3363DHS (444)00
Youth Build444-80-2959DHS (444)00
Youth Connect444-80-2713DHS (444)00
Youth Diagnostic, Therapy and Support Services, Legislative Add-on444-24-3286DHS (444)10
Youth Employment Training, Technical Assistance & Support - YE-TTAS444-80-1502DHS (444)10
Youth Opportunity - Social Services Block Grant444-80-0665DHS (444)10
Youth Services Training, Technical Assistance & Support (YSTTAS)444-80-1500DHS (444)10
Youth Steam444-80-2704DHS (444)00
YSGN After-School Programming444-80-2641DHS (444)00
Program Count: 506331113